Waffle Easy Recipe  - No Bake Cake Waffle Bar

Waffle Easy Recipe – No Bake Cake Waffle Bar

One of the “no baking involved” desserts variations, this waffle bars recipe is super easy to make. The combination of honey and walnuts creates the ideal flavor and texture, while just a tiny bit of cocoa is enough for just perfect chocolaty hint that balances out the sweetness of honey and sugar. These cookies are in no way eating right habits friend. But it is definitely a great treat to have once in a while.
It is important to chop the walnuts to the maximum small size (be careful though not to overdo it if using a blender as the nuts can turn into paste). I use any waffle sheets for this recipe. It really does not matter what size they are. The final dessert may be left as is in the form of a cake or cut into various smaller geometric shapes the create bars and cookies. Once the waffle sheets are covered with the honey-butter-nut paste, I put something heavy on the top layer, like a gallon milk package or water bottle and leave it overnight. Thanks to the walnuts being so small in size the paste is covering in even layer. The waffle sheets absorb the liquid from the paste and become soft and tender.

Waffle Easy Recipe – No Bake Cake Waffle Bar Nutrition Facts

Waffle Easy Recipe – No Bake Cake Waffle Bar

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