Choux Pastry Dessert Rings With Sweet Cottage Cheese Cream Filling

Choux Pastry Dessert Rings With Sweet Cottage Cheese Cream Filling

Choux Pastry, also known as Pate a Choux, is one of my favorite pastry dough variations. This puffy, almost weightless pastry becomes a wonderful dessert once filled with various types of cream, or becomes a delicious furshet table addition as a savory appetizer variation. The perfectly baked choux pastry would have hollow bubbles inside, ideal for filling with cream, for example and getting that delightful puffy look.

There are key things to keep in mind to achieve the perfect result: mixing the flour well for a little bit over a minute on low heat, adding eggs slowly one by one in exact proportion as the recipe states, making sure the dough is thoroughly baked through or it would become flat after. Adding too many eggs or too little result in dough consistency being too runny or dense that can result in the most common choux pastry problem – the pastry is not puffy and airy.Keep in mind these details and get ideal shu dessert eclairs dough every singly time. Fast and easy.

Here is the basic recipe for Choux dough that can be used for various dessert and appetizers:

These choux rings have sweetened cottage cheese based cream as a filling, which is not overly sweet, yet just melts in your mouth. This is achieved by mixing butter cream and cottage cheese in even proportions. The use of condensed milk creates extra smooth texture. The vanilla notes here add extra flavor to this airy pastry. For extra flavor you can approximately 1 tbsp of alcohol, like dark rum/liquer(I omitted this step in these Sprinkled with confectioners sugar this is the perfect dessert for any tea party.

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