Thank you for visiting Culinary Page blog, a place that offers a great collection of our favorite recipes and useful cooking tips and how-to’s. As with any other blog/website there are some terms and conditions you need to be aware of before using any recipes, information, or other material you find on this site. So…ta-da-da-dam!!! here it goes:

Is this a Professional Chef Website?
No. This is a personal blog. It is created and run by people who do not have professional chef’s training. Culinary Page blog is maintained by true food addicts who are in love with cooking and simply want to share their admiration for great food. Culinary books are our favorite books 🙂 Cooking is our fun pastime 🙂 We are constantly learning new things every day, such as stories and history background of different foods and cuisines, and hope to bring more interesting information on this blog’s pages. And of course, there are no recipes on this blog that haven’t been tried by us 🙂

Where do you get your recipes from?
This blog is all about great tasting food, that is healthy, nourishing and pleasant to the eye and stomach:) We do not believe keeping recipes a secret under the huge lock would do any good to the world, other than accumulating dust over the years:) We are loving international cuisine, its history, how different recipes are presented in other cultures. Most of the recipes are created or adapted by us. Some of them are from our family, relatives and friends. Other recipes are from cookbooks that we mention on our blog. And of course there are recipes that you, our readers, share with us in your comments! Do you have a great recipe? We would love to try it too and share with others!

How do you test your recipes for perfection?
All the recipes offered here are tried by us and our family members and friends and thus how they get their “approval pass”. If we like something it might not mean you should as well, we are all different in our taste preferences, aren’t we? Let’s be respectful and courteous to each other and get cooking:)
Any recipe/information found on Culinary Page blog can be used by anyone at their own risk (yeah, as funny as it sounds, but: we have to legally write this to cover any possible misunderstandings:).
We, at Culinary Page, are not responsible for any adverse reaction or health issues should any of the above arise from using the information found on Culinary Page.

What happened? That recipe just did not turn out the way you described it.
Please bear in mind, you may not always achieve the same recipe results as we have, due to various factors including, but not limited to: not following directions that we provided, ingredients quality/substitutions/variety, individual cooking ability and skill level, cooking equipment/appliances (e.g. your oven temperature controls may differ substantially from ours and thus influence the execution of the recipe results), even your personal perceptions of certain ingredients combination. Really. It can be anything. Before getting that perfect batch of macarons, we had over 20 unsuccessful attempts, believe it or not. But as the famous saying goes, “practice makes perfect”, and we strongly believe it and follow this rule:) So maybe next time it turns out just the way you expect it.

As the owners of Culinary Page cooking and food blog, we assume no responsibility or liability for any consequences resulting directly or indirectly from any action or inaction taken as a result of following information contained on this site or in any linked materials. This means we do not accept any legal liability or responsibility for any injury, loss, or damage incurred by the use of, or reliance upon, or interpretation of any information contained on this site or in any linked materials. Therefore, readers are to use their own discretion should they choose to cook and/or consume the dishes made from recipes found on this site.

Are you a registered dietician? Can I use your recipes to treat any health conditions?
This blog is Not created by medical professionals nor it is providing any diet plans. Any information listed on Culinary Page site is Not intended/Not provided to treat any medical conditions. Please see you doctor if you have any questions about your diet plans/condition.

How often do you update your old posts?
For various reasons, it may be necessary for us to update older posts on this site and we are not obligated to state all changes made or to give any notification of any of these changes.

What about advertising on Culinary Page? Did you try any of the products advertised on your blog?
All the products that we use during and for production of our posts are tested by us. And if we say we like a particular product, we mean it and we do not get paid for this, unless otherwise noted. Please note, we do not take any responsibility for the content and links on third party websites referenced on this blog.

Can I use your pictures or your text?
All content, in any form, on this site is our exclusive property and is copyright-protected. This includes, but is not limited to: recipes, photographs, opinions, and written material. Copying or pasting any recipe, story, or photograph from this blog without our approval is strictly prohibited.
We will not mind, however if you want to use our recipe/watermarked photograph (excluding step-by-step pictures) on your site/blog/any other source after you ask and get our approval for it and include a clear link back to the original recipe and to our Home Page All recipes texts need to be re-written in your words, please! We do not allow any other watermarking other than ours on our photos/materials.

What about Commercial use of your recipes?
The recipes found on Culinary Page are for cooking at home only only and are not intended to be executed for commercial purposes in any form, unless we give our permission (“commercial” is defined as making money from the sale of a product as well as use in restaurants/cafe/public places to be sold for financial revenue).

I have a suggestion for a recipe to get featured on your blog. How can I discuss it with you?
If you want us to develop a recipe, please contact us directly via culinary page[@]

I want you to review a certain product. Can you do that?
Anything that we write about on our blog is tested by us, our family and friends and if we decide to talk about it, it means we really like it and thus suggest it. This means, that we can not really review anything that we haven’t seen or tried. If you have a suggestion about some great stuff that we can let the world hear about through our blog, then….talk to us:) Shoot us an email: culinarypage[@]

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time with, or without, prior notice.